About World SSTV Cam's:

WorldSSTV Cam's was created to allow you the visitor / user to add, edit or update SSTV cams around the world.  Here you can add your personal SSTV cam information. Easy to update, add or even show the operating frequency.

From the home page main list:

  • The SSTV cams on the main home page are initially displayed in order first by IZU zone then latest updated.
  • Click on one of the images to get more information for that SSTV cam. Here the owner may have posted some additional details about this SSTV cam.
  • Click on the R at lower right of any the SSTV images in the home page list to bring up the small remote window that auto refreshes.  This allows the visitor to display only a small select few of SSTV cams of their choice.

Viewing Cam Details:

  • Click on the SSTV image.  This hyperlink will display only the image for printing or remote view testing
  • Click on the callsign of at the top to view that callsign at QRZ.com.
  • Notes display is a place where you can find some additional information about the SSTV can and station that the cam owner has shared.
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