How to Create an SSTV Cam for your location:

You will need a receiver that covers the SSTV frequencies of the amateur bands. A computer with access to the internet. SSTV software, there are a several available, I use MMSSTV to decode the audio signals to images that are then saved to your computer. The following FTP Widget software will then upload the newly received images from your computer to your web page.

Download KE5RS FTP Widget software to automatically upload or (ftp) images from your computer to a remote server or host after they are saved from your SSTV software. You can also use the HTML code from this single image SSTV page or this 3 image SSTV page. When a new image is uploaded to your website server, the image should display the new image.

Here is an example of how to set up FTP Widget and MMSSTV on your computer.

Create a new folder on your hard drive EXAMPLE: c:\sstvpics” and within the FTP Widget properties dialog box, point the right side “Local Drive and Directory Path” to the new folder “c:\sstvpics”.  This is where the FTP Widget will watch for newly received, saved SSTV images.

Within MMSSTV on the history tab, right click on the image and select “Auto copy to another folder” and “Assign another folder name” and enter “c\sstvpics”

FTP Widget should find the new SSTV images from MMSSTV in this new folder and upload them to your website. The server where you put the SSTV Cam page and your set. © 2001 -